Round two of the new PCI 3.0 changes are coming in July! Watch this interactive webinar for a detailed review of what’s new in PCI DSS 3.0 and how to prepare for the latest changes of the payment card security standard. 


Join PCI security expert James Zou from Trustwave as he discusses the key steps to PCI 3.0 compliance and how to: 


  • Reduce the risk of data breaches that can jeopardize school reputation and relationships with parents,
  • Meet the new requirements for increased rigor of penetration testing and security,
  • Improve physical security to protect access to sensitive data and systems (such as swipe terminals),
  • Find ways to embed PCI 3.0 compliance into your school’s day-to-day operations and avoid penalties for non compliance.   


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James Zou
PCI 3.0 Expert
Systems Engineer




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