Starting in January 2015, several new changes will go into effect in order to remain PCI compliant. These changes will occur in two stages, with new requirements rolling out across the year based on priority and the amount of effort needed. To ensure that you are prepared for the changes set for January 1, ensure that your security and IT teams are adjusting your processes and standards.

This on demand webinar with a Coalfire Qualified Security Assessor is designed to answer all of your questions.


Why struggle with PCI-DSS alone? Diamond Mind’s free QSA virtual meetings and knowledge capture help independent schools tackle PCI-DSS compliance through sharing and collaboration. 

We know that Business Officers and IT Directors run into questions that are tricky. A QSA is a professional who is qualified to answer the nitty gritty questions related to PCI and to interpret PCI in areas where you can’t see exactly how it pertains to your specifics. Now, through Diamond Mind, you’ll have this expertise available to you.

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